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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine Customer Comments

Now a few words from some of our Oscillating machine users.
We have always said, you are much better off hearing from the users than from those who SELL or MANUFACTURE the machine, so here are a few notes we have recieved from our users.

Awesome! We are swamped with end of the month move outs, Did $1100 today, $800 tomorrow and Wednesday we have $1300 on the books. Just me, my Conqueror and a helper.

Posted by George Wills on June 29, 2004 - 12:23 AM -

99% OP cleaning. Only use HWE when it is more convenient (i.e. where I have huge amounts of urine in a carpet and need to pass a blacklight inspection) and finish cleaning it with OP to help dry faster so I can vacuum-groom.

I NEVER any longer clean with HWE without either a pre-scrub or rotary extraction.

Call backs are 1/2 what they ran with HWE and referrals are up (our office calls all customers to follow up, thank them for the work, and ask how we could do a better job a couple of days after we complete the work).... The comments are much much more positive, enthusiastic & happy with padding.

Posted by Coby on June 21, 2005 - 01:51 AM -

Hi John;

i have a 15" Breeze that i use for residential..... before i bought it (or even knew about it) i purchased a Cimex thinking i'd use it for commercial. in general, i've been pleased with it's results, however, i have a job that has given me trouble ... i used the Cimex with very good results except for a few spots that refuse to co-operate. i went over them really really good (according to Ricks instructions), yet the next day they will re-appear. it was VERY irritating / frustrating to say the least... i've done this job a number of times now and have the same issue each time. but this time i used my OP instead. the difference? yes, it took longer to do, and probably costs more to do (wear and tear on the cotton pads vs Ricks pads), but this time no re-appearing spots! now i'm ticked i have the Cimex. lol sure, it's a good machine, but i wish i had the money to buy the Brute at this point. i'm convinced that the Brute would do a much better job...... know anyone interested in a trade? ;-)


i've been using a TM back since 1985, but started doing OP a year and a half ago. i no longer have the TM (unloaded it about 6 mos ago).

I've lost one customer that I know of (they insisted on steam), but have gained many more since (using OP). I OP almost exclusively now and have no problem doing it full time what so ever. ultimately, a TM would be nice to have (in addition to), but it isn't necessary (not considering the cost factor). sure, you don't get the flood jobs, but I don't care to do them anyway. there is plenty enough work for OP full time.

Posted by randy royer on August 09, 2005 - 12:59 PM -

I must admit I still do feel the need to defend my decesion to purchase 2 truckmounts,even though The LAST ONE I will ever own was recently sold.The money I "invested" in truckmounts would have easily purchased a summer home,a used FERRARI,or made a heck of a contribution to my retirement program.Since going low moisture my cost have dropped,referrals have gone up,the amount of time I spend doing Non-revenue producing equipment maintence has desappeared,the training time for new hires has dropped by more than half,and most important my net(Randy gets to keep Money) has skyrocketed).John if you had to live with the nightmares of being a truckmount operation for just a couple of years, you would understand why Truckmounters sometimes seem defensive.(getting beyound the emotional issues can be though LOL).They have made the decesion to allow their operation to become a fixed cost,high overhead,complicated business.They are locked into a "in the box Iam trapped "mentality.There is no healing that untill one admits THERE IS A BETTER WAY,that happens to be more profitable.With respect to low moisture cleaning taking longer,that is a joke.Often it takes less time and hardly ever longer.We switched truckmount customers (both commercial & residentual ) with no problem,which shocked me.I wish I would have admitted this to my self earlier.The only time we hwe now is for serious urine contamination(where we are using OSR) or restaurants(agitation with counter-rotating brush rinse with steamon demons.
Randy Royer
Reformed truckmount only cleaner
Rehabilitated and profitable for 3 years now,after 11 years of truckmount"issues" and several years of truckmount detachment therapy.For those trying to kick the Habit of truckmount dependancy-take it one day at a time.It does get easier.
P.S. John poking fun at anyone with an addiction is unacceptable,defending op is right up there with defending why you are not an acholic or don't shoot heroine.(in some cases,TMDS/Truckmount Dependancy Syndrome is more expensive.

John G. padding versus HWE
Posted By Adam M on 6/22/2005 at 10:19 PM

"Living in the very competitive Toronto area, and believing that any reason is good to increase my very low pricess I decided to buy John G. system of cleaning ( 15`` Breeze, pads and chemicals ). Everything was very expensive, taking into account canadian duty and taxes ( another $ 500 to the price ). But I decided it was still worth to differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd. To keep things in perspective I`ve been working 15 years as ccleaner, starting with portable and using TM + rotary as a main method of cleaning for the last ten years. On the side I`ve been doing some commercial janitorial cleaning for one company keeping me alive during winters. These are mainly restaurants, where I have to clean carpets too ( monthly ) and these carpets used to give me really hard time. They were very difficult to clean to begin with and were getting dirty instantly - pherhaps 3 days after cleaning they were looking exactly the same. Not anymore. After using John G. machine carpet looked new - everything got removed together with big part of chewing gum. To my surprise carpet still looks good, 2 weeks after cleaning. The owner accepted 50% price increase and started pushing me to accept 3 week cleaning schedule, instead of former monthly schedule. I tried the Breeze on some residential carpets and some aerial rugs ( nylon and wool ) and results were outstanding. I would never be able to remove dirt and stains from the wool chineese rug to the extent I got it with Breeze. Trying to get the same results using rotary with pad and John G chemicals was a flop, everything got much to wet ( my rotary has a tank with gravity spray system ) and not much got cleaned. I had to HWE after to finish it. Disadvantages - for me. - expensive add on system, - expensive chemicals, and I have to import them, - slow, 2 vacuumings and 2 paddings makes it roughly as slow as rotary + HWE. - additional work with washing pads ( after hours ), - vibration makes me really tired, but this can be just my lack of rutine, - its difficult to operate on not even floors - and this is 100% residential flooring in Toronto and vicinity, - I dreamed about some commercial contracts, but now have second thougts about it - looks like to much work and to small machine to do it. I never realised how aggressive this machine is until it spit a glider during work - without it started to work like jackhammer on the floor carpet. Changed my understanding of `deep cleaning` a little bit."

John, Your 17" Commercial Breeze is a fantastic machine. Before I purchased it I wanted to see one in action. Brandon Culp was only a few hours away and he kindly let me take one out for a spin.

We had lunch and afterwards completed two small jobs. It was easy to see this method would require me to adjust some of my old concepts. I could also see the benefits of the OP method.Sometimes you just need to try something in person.

I bought one and had more confidence after a few jobs. The real revelation was when I encountered two very dirty carpets and found myself reaching for the Breeze instead of the TM. We presently use use four distinct methods, having said that, there are jobs where the Breeze outshines all other methods. The larger size pads (24") also increase production.

We measure customer response daily. Our customers are thrilled by the deep cleaning, the fast drying, and the fact no doors are being propped open. Thanks again for building such a fine machine.

Jon Erickson

Posted by dan pauselius on June 18, 2005 - 10:40 PM -

I used that Conqueror today on a 5 year old dried paint spot in my parents house. No little spot either, my Dad knocked over a quart of green paint onto a gray and white berber. Nearly 3 square feet of solid green in his office. Bye bye stain. Oh yeah, and the VLM with a shot of TLC almost removed it on its own. POG finished the job. Thanks John!

Hi, John. I can't believe I paid you $2000.00 for a machine, and I had to attach the handle to it. What kind of customer service is that? LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I used my new Commercial Breeze and Clean-n-Vac for the first time last night on a retail store. All I have to say is "Thank you!" I have cleaned this store in the past with my first oscillator (1/3 hp) that I bought from you a few years ago and Argosheen. It took me almost 2 and a half hours with that machine. Last night, it took me 1 hr and 25 minutes. I spoke with the manager today and she is very, very pleased. The Clean-n-Vac took care of all of the spots and spills (except for the gum---which I didn't expect it to remove), and I had no wick-backs. I even cleaned this carpet before using my Chemstractor w/white buffing pad and Release-it. I still had a few wick-backs with that method and it took longer than when I used my Commercial Breeze. And that's not counting the times that I had to make an extra trip to take care of the wick-backs.

Anyway, since I am a one man show, I tended to stay away from many commercial jobs because it took me so long to do them. Not any more. You've given me the opportunity to take on some of those jobs that I would not have tried to land just a few weeks ago.

Thanks again for continuing to make great products and offering outstanding customer service.


Thank You John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My second 'Breeze' is out earning money
Posted by Coby on November 07, 2004 - 02:38 AM

and making customers INCREDIBLY happy!!!!!!!

The third van set up is already in the planning stage! Why o' why hadn't I heard of this 'OP' deal sooner! It is winter here and 'supposed' to be slowing down (already -14 and dropping at my house this evening).... I guess customers like to have super clean carpet in the winter just like in the summer.... that is if they don't end up with soooooo much condensation in their house that the walls freeze....

Just as a side note, one of my vans can't be put into a garage this year... This is the kind of situation that HWE nightmares are made of in Alaska :-).... Not so with OP (although it is a REAL pain to have your pads freeze: takes about six weeks to thaw one :-)... less than 3 minutes to unload EVERYTHING! Happy days are here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, for those of you that are wondering, John has me sold hook, line and sinker! Took him the 'patience of Job' to get me to try it with an open mind, but he was successful in a real convert! YEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAWWWWWWW!

Coby Gibson, North Pole Alaska

Just bought the Conqueror Boss with supplies, from John and he delivered it to me. And John was very helpful and answered all my questions, already used the system on four jobs since Dec. 3. and the custermers have been very pleased at the results. The Conqueror Boss is a great machine!!!! Thanks for all your help John..... Joe Zuniga Holland,MI
Joe Zuniga - holland, - December 5, 2004 11:22 pm

Just purchased John's "special" package for my start-up company. So far the results are fantastic!! Have been working part time for a major Hwe franchise on weekends; but they can't even come close to what John's machine can do. I bought the breeze for the lighter weight. It came with everything I could every need on a job! So far I've done my own carpets and 2 paying jobs for folks I work with. Results were incredible, and they were very happy. Now I must build my business. I plan on putting out flyers around town to get started. joe s. new jersey.
Joe Santone - Manahawkin, USA - November 26, 2004 2:53 pm

I have been getting very good results with my CCS oscillating pad machine on berber carpets. Through dry vacuuming before application of the cleaning solution is a must. The very low amount of moisture required limits the depth of the solution application from soaking the carpets backing and the vibrations of the oscillating pads exerts effective agitation to the carpet fibers causing the dissolved soils to be absorbed into the cotton terry pads. Customers have remarked that the carpets looked much nicer and dried faster then when other cleaning methods were used.

Ellard Gann
Conquest Carpet Care, San Jose, Ca.

We have not used a rotary, even once, since we got the Conquerors. We have used them on several kinds of carpet... no problem. The Conqueror is much faster and we are even using bonnets with them.

By using bonnets you don't have to change pads nearly as often, no glider is ever needed, no fiber bloom, etc. The bonnets we have found that work the best with OP are from a company called TuWay and the bonnet is called the "Thin one". Looped style bonnets still can't be used.
We still use the thin cotton pads on the worst areas or when we want to impress the client by showing them the contrast when a glider was used.
All three of my techs agree that the Conqueror is much better than a rotary. Before the Conqueror their machine of choice on at least 90-95% of carpets was the rotary. We still carry rotaries for backup.
Steve Smith
The Cleaner Image, Nashville, Tn.

John, just a note to let you know my experiences with my new CCS Conqueror System.

As you know, PDQ Dry Carpet Cleaning was, at one point, the largest Host Proffessional Cleaner in the US. In 1999, we purchase over $24,000 of Host sponges. As our Host machines started to need replacing and overhauls, I started to look for a lower cost, highly productive "dry" system. Well your VLM system is pretty darn close to dry.(Most of my clients rooms are dry when we leave)And it had to be extremely safe to rugs, carpets, pets and babies!

Well, within the first week, my productivity went from about $165 per hour to over $184 per hour. But that is not the amzing part! The CCS system cleans better, far better, than the Host System. And I was the poster boy of Host cleaners.

No longer do we use a multitude of sprays and other remedies to clean carpets. We use the VLM Abstration for a prespray and the TLC as a spotter in a quart bottle. The Soy based spray you are testing is also on our truck as a POG and heavy duty degreaser. I have thrown out over 80% of the chemicals we used to carry! We also use the TLC as a furniture pre-spray for our upholstery cleaning.

But the truly amazing part is that I just finished my first gallon of VLM. And I have had the system for 6 weeks! After checking my scheduling calendar and receipts from that period, I cleaned $13,896 worth of carpets and use only $15 of VLM and maybe $3 of TLC. In that same time period, I would have used on average a total of $1,042 with the Host System. And have not had a single call back! (My average is one per month) And we have actually had 3 people call to tell us that they loved our upgraded method!!

Well, have a great day!

Mike Hynes
PDQ Dry Carpet Cleaning, Inc.
Since 1987

I got to pass on to you my kudos for the last 3 weeks from my follow - ups.
I have had some extra work due to the new results of the conquerer over my usual 1/3hp work. The same thing I am hearing over and over is " I don't know what you did different but the carpet seems cleaner and it has stayed that way". I had a few el cheapo commercial olefins come out restored! One optomotrist had a light purple carpet that turned almost light gray and has been that way for years. He could not believe the color came back, either could I. I have impressed every single new client and the majority of them are on a quarterly schedule.

Hope that makes you as happy as I am!

Thanks for being the Padman

Gary McKay

Miracle Services, Lemon Grove, Ca.

Well I have had the new oscillator for 5 days now. Did a 4000sq ft church, 3 dental offices, a 3000 sq ft home with white berber, a small 3brm home. The final results I was very pleased with. Especially the white berber carpet. I have cleaned this home 3 to 4 times per year using my truck mt. I have to say the that using the oscillator made a big difference in the final appearance. The customer was extremely happy and loved that it was about dry in about 30 minutes. I have a quote tomorrow on a 3500 sq ft home that is combination of nylon and wool. (White) I did have a problem with the machine at first. I had difficulty with the gliders and setting up a rythmn of work flow. I had too many extension cords and equipment in my way. Also, the cd that comes with the machine did not work with my computer so I had to learn as you go. The last house caused me difficulty because it was a plush carpet. Could not get the machine to spin the pad. I was really frustrated and I must have spent 35 minutes in one bedroom trying to make the thing work. I kept blowing the fuse. Being brain damaged as I am, it took me awhile to figure that I needed to put a glider on the carpet velcro side down. Hope this helps others and I am excited about what lies ahead. Pad People Unite.

Jim Hadley

Hadleys Carpet Care, Placerville, Ca.

Well I have been cleaning carpet for about 12 years. My story is alot like everybody else started with portable. Then in 95 I purchase my first TM. Well Saturday I purchase John G pad system.

I was blowed away. I haven't used my TM yet this week.

Glad to be a PADMAN

Ashton Biddle

Ashton's Carpet Care, Flemmingsburg, KY.

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Thank you John and Gerald. I have not been able to believe my own eyes. I've done 5 different jobs on 4 different kinds of carpets (including Berber) so far. I look forward to cleaning carpets even more now with this new system. My clients are amazed and embarassed at what I am taking out of their carpets. One lady even went so far as to ask me if I would mind "shoving those used pads down into the bucket so she couldn't see them." I have cleaned another guy's carpets for 3 years and his comment went something like, "I thought your other machine cleaned well, but I can't believe this. I swear I vacuum." LOL

I still can't thank you enough for developing such an excellent product. I've gotten more referrals than ever with this oscillator, and I'm not afraid to go into commercial places with large spill stains and ask to clean their carpets.

Dwight Myers

A Superior Clean, Raliegh, N.C.

Hey John!

I am down here in L.A. for the next four days and brought my machine to show. Looks like I have at least one sold and my machine is out on two jobs tomorrow for demo. They are using it on white Berber. They (Technicians) were afraid of the carpet, bad luck lately with TM and rotary leaving wick back. I told them that this will end all their problems. I proved it to them by cleaning their carpet store carpets. They were cleaned less than 30 days ago, DIRTY! Did a trial area for them...blew them away. Also sold a carpet cleaning for them while demoing the unit. They get around .12 sqft, I sold the job for them at .27 sqft. Problem was, I sold them an oscillating job. They have to get the machine for the job. I mixed their chemical for tomorrow's jobs and added Chemspec's Energizer to the mix. This is my Father-In-Laws company. They took my machine home with them tonight to play on their own carpets. Pretty much think they will buy one also. Too much Berber down here to pass up cleaning. Haven't done alot of cleaning, been so busy with the manufacturing business and I also make custom one-of-a-kind display motors. In the middle of making three of those at $10K a piece, all out of pocket. I'll have to email you some pictures, definitely blow you away. Gotta refocus onto carpet, now that my invoices, cards and shirts are now done.

John, every time I use this machine, I become even more impressed than the last time. Hope to contact you real soon with an order for two machines.

Best Wishes,

Bob Flynn
Spotless Carpet Cleaning Services
"For A Truly Unique Experience"

John -
I just wanted to let you know we put the orbital machine through its first 'big test' today and it KICKED BUTT! This is awefully hard to swallow, as a die hard HWE man, but it blew away our Steamway Legacy's power with simplicity, ease of use, AND results today.

The job was a ~6,000 sq. foot office building. We had previously extracted and got it to look better, except for when it dried it wicked like crazy. (commercial low-nap olefin which previously had only been Chem-Dry 'ed.) My #1 tech. (he's also an IICRC-cert. Master Cleaner - just as dyed-in-the-wool HWE fanatic as I - hehe) looked at me today before we started and said, "Scott, you've really gone off the deep end this time. You expect us to clean all this carpet with that little thing? We'll be here until 7:00 PM!" (it was a little after 9:00 AM) I told him to open his mind and follow my instructions. I had him prespray the ArgoSheen while I set up the orbital and got to work. By the time he had sprayed ~ 200 sq. ft., I was done with the first 75 sq. ft. He didn't say anything, but kept his negativism up - "well, we'll see what it looks like when it's dry", he said.

We finished the entire job at 12:30 PM - approximately 5 hours LESS than it took us to HWE w/truckmount last time. I didn't count all the pads, but we went through at least 35 of them. Not to mention, the ENTIRE job was completely dry by the time we left. The areas we did first looked just as well as the areas we did last. Back at the shop he finally admitted, "I guess you know what you're talking about, Scott."

The manager could not believe his eyes when he saw the results. He still wants us to extract every year (and I recommend it too), but he's going to sign a contract w/us on Monday for monthly orbital clng. On my way out he said, "we may not have to replace the carpet afterall". It was only 3 yrs. old, but looked terrible before we started. EXTREMELY yellow traffic lanes. BTW, I wanted to mention on the worst areas we did mix the Argo a bit stronger than 7-1. (actually, 5-1) and it definitely made a difference.

I've been really leary about entering commercial contracts with our hit and miss results w/truckmounts prior. The orbital machine is definitely opening my eyes to the idea of pursuing commercial now. As for residential, we haven't given it a shot yet. We have cleaned a few large nylon rugs in our shop w/it with pretty good results, but no comparative tests as of yet.
So again - thanks, John and Gerald, you'll make a padman outta me (us) yet!

Scott Rendall
Rendall's Sci-Clean, Brighton, Mi.

From: Barry Schrock <kbsrocks@bellsouth.net>
To: john@geurkink.com
Subject: Amazing...

a friend called me about a job that he truck mounted last Friday. Light brown berber....nice house not trashed but it did not clean like he thought it should. Called me and asked what to do. we went there this morning and the over all job was not too bad looking. Kind of shadowy or dingy looking in the walk areas.. They also had a 5' x 5' remnant lying inside the slider coming from the pool. It was almost black. Gray to black looking. Actually was mold or mildew.. He had cleaned it and was unable to budge it.

I started on the hall first and the pads were nice and brown. He didn't want the home owner to see these dirty pads. lol when I hit the 5 x 5 the first pass it lightened about half. Then I mixed up some tlc and let it dwell, OP'd again and almost gone. came back with the vlm and a short dwell....looked as good as new. Made a believer out of him and me. Too bad I didn't take a camera. I'm amazed and after 10 yrs of this business it's kinda hard to do.
Great products.
Barry Schrock


Juan emailed me after you informed him I was still cleaning. Thanks for doing so! I don't know why he thought I had stopped. Perhaps because I have been quiet on the boards. I have heard that you have been traveling around a bit. If you ever come to the Northwest you are welcome to stay at our house, we would be honored to have you, and papa and Patty as our guest. We have a nice place, plenty of room, it is like being in a B&B.

As I was cleaning this weekend, I couldn't help but think how this little CCS has paid for itself many times over. As a matter of fact the CCS is sending my wife and I to Maui for a week this December, what a machine!

Keep up all of the good work.

John Merritt