17" Commercial Breeze Assembly Instructions







17" Commercial Breeze Fork Assembly

When you open the box you wil find the machine and handle separate. Set the machine up and remove the bolts from the fork bearings. (see image #1) Set handle up on the machine, put washer on the bolt, and then insert the bolt through the fork and bearing. Put waher and then a nut on inside (see image #2) and tighten VERY tight. NOTE: The tightness of the bolt does not effect the raising and lowering of the handle as the fork pivots on the bearings themselves.

Replacing Cable on The Conqueror Series Machines

  1. You will need the parts pictured in image #1.
  2. Make sure power cord has been unplugged from the outlet. Once power cord has been unplugged from the wall outlet, you can continue to the next step.
  3. Remove the cover of backside of switchbox.
  4. After removing cover of backside of switchbox, loosen the screw holding the cable tight.
  5. Remove Cable
  6. Also remove spring lever
  7. Now remove cotter from pin holding lever. You may need to remove front plate from switchbox to enable you to remove pin.
  8. Install new lever, following these stepss in reverse.

Remove bolts that hold yoke onto base. First remove clips from nuts, then loosen using the alan tool. Now you have to make the bearing flush with thge yoke in order to remove locking bar. You can now thread the new cable through the cable covering and attach it to the locking bar by tightening the two alan screws to the cable after it is in pressed into the hole at the end of the locking bar.  You can see the bearing is not flush and will not allow the locking bar to be removed. Take the bolt shown in image # and put it through from the inside of the yoke. The large nut needs to be next to the yoke in order for the bearing to be allowed to move.

Insert bolt from outside of yoke in through youke and upright on machine base. Use washer on both outside and inside of yoke. Screw on the slotted nut and tighten, then push cotter pin into the slots through hole in bolt, this way bolt can loosen back up. Then put other bolt in the bottom of the groove for the locking bar. Now tighten pull cable up tight and tighten the alan screw holding just as in image # . Now the spring can be reattached as below and the bolt can be removed from groove of locking bar and inserted in the other side of the yoke. Now everything should be complete and lever should depress and release easily.

Bearing replacement for 17" Commercial Breeze