Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Accessories

OPE Manual - Everything you need to know about OPE Cleaning

Fully illustrated OPE manual with tips, troubleshooting, instruction,
marketing aids, everything you need to know about OPE cleaning.

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Table of Contents

Know OPE history 2-5
Know how to contact us. (we would love to hear from you) 6
Know why you should choose the OPE cleaning system (The advantages are amazing) 7-11
Know how to sell OP (You can not make money till you can sell it) 12-17
Know what you are about to clean. (You can not fix what you do not understand) 18-25
Know how to clean (And get repeat and clients referred to you) 26-31
Know how & when to tweak the system (get way above average results) 32-51
Know how to get out the spots (Be the hero!) 52-64
Know your friends (and keep them) 65-70
Know your enemies (and how to win the war) 73-81
Know how to make more PROFIT on each job. (few have ‘too much’ money!) 82-83
Know where else to look for help (you are not alone, lots of help for you) 84-91
Know the OPE Machines 92-93
Know what your clients are saying... Referral 94-95
Know your terminology (show your professionalism) “Glossary” 96-108