Encapsulation Cleaning Instructions

Encapsulation carpet cleaning can be done with your Conqueror. If you are using the Breeze model a little added weight would give you better results.
It is recommended that you use encapsulation on moderately soiled commercial carpets.

First thing is vacuum, and vacuum well, remove as much dry soil as possible, this will greatly enhance the appearance of the cleaned carpet and speed up the cleaning process.

Scrub the carpet until the stains disappear and the traffic lanes brighten up, then move on, no need to change the pad.

Some suggest returning to post vacuum, however make sure you charge more if you are including this second step.



Since we have come out with Clean-N-Vac PBX, you can now encapsulate with your CCS Machine using your pads, just clean the carpet until it LOOKS good, then let dry and vacuum. This will truly speed up your cleaning plus it will give the customer a better finished product as well. Clean-N-Vac PBX will change the way you clean carpets and provide you with MORE money in your pocket along with providing better cleaning for your customers.

Other Product Options:

Clean-N-Vac ENC: Mostly for use with Cimex or counter rotating brush machines.

Clean-N-Vac PBX: For Pad, Bonnet or HWE prespray.

Clean-N-Vac WHAMM: For cleaning with malodor or urine problems

Clean-N-Vac Tsunami: For use with ALL methods, Padding, Bonneting, HWE Prespray or through the solution tank as an emulsifier. Great One size fits all product.