Brick Cleaning Instructions

Concrete cleaning on a front porch and walkwayWhen cleaning concrete first make sure you sweep the area clean, then you can prespray your cleaner.
We have used several different chemicals to clean concrete with:

Abstraction TLC is what we most often use. It does take a bit of dwell time, however whatever chemical you use this type of cleaning requires a few minutes dwell time.

Spray Abstraction TLC, or ViperVenom, or Sinergy or Castrol Superclean on the concrete, let dwell.

Start up the Conqueror with the grout and tile brush on and clean slowly side to side, you will find that if you move slowly the results will be better and the time quicker.

Again just like with brick hose off the concrete or if you have a hard surface wand rinse the concrete. It cleans easily and effectively.