Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Detergents

Clean-N-Vac NukeIt

One of the most effective hot water extraction products on the market. NukeIt is one powerful prespray. Slices through tough greasy soil with ease! When all else fails...NukeIt!

  • Low Residue
  • Freeze Thaw Stable

Caution: For use on commercial carpet. Not for use on natural fiber or carpet under warranty.
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Carpet Cleaning SpottersClean -N-Vac Z-Bomb

Clean-N-Vac Z-Bomb is one of the best power boosters you can add to any of your encap products, plus it is a great stand alone product for Hot Water Extraction cleaning. Clean-N-Vac Z-Bomb has a pleasant baby powder scent. It is very versatile. Great for trashed olefin or stain resist, yet pH is low enough for wool! Absolutely no sticky residue.

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