Clean-N-Vac G.E.M. Carpet Cleaning Machine

If you are looking for a high-speed, counter rotating brush machine for commercial carpet, grout and tile, concrete, brick, wood, and encapsulation carpet cleaning, the Clean-N-Vac G.E.M. is for you!

Versatile Cleaning Abilities
With its 15" brushes, the G.E.M.cleans faster and deeper equating to high production rates and more income for the commercial carpet cleaner. The G.E.M. also offers versatility, depending on the brushes you get, you can clean Grout and tile, concrete, brick, wood, wood decking, commercial carpet, residential carpets, soft top nylon residentials, and even oriental wools.

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More Weight, More Agitation!
The weight of the 85 pounds, like a GLS on steroids. Add to that the 4 gallon solution tank full during cleaning and you have agitation like few machines can offer. Yet the G.E.M. has a three position level so you can clean, store or change brushes.

“GearBelt Drive ”
The G.E.M. drive is driven by a gearbelt, offering quieter operation and more durability and power.

Pressure Fed "3 Jet" Internal Spray System! (Optional)
The optional 60-PSI pressure fed (note – not gravity fed) dual-het spray system eliminates the need for the time-wasting step of prespraying and uses substantially less chemicals with the added benefit of lower drying time. The 3 internal jets are set to apply the cleaning prduct to the brush just before it hits the carpet or whatever medium you are cleaning. this prevents overspray of the cleaning products on walls, or upholstery.

With the Clean-N-Vac are able to do a better job in less time using fewer supplies and less physical effort. If this sounds good to you, the G.E.M. is your choice for a high-speed commercial carpet, grout and tile, wood, wood decking, brick or concrete-cleaning machine!