Commercial Breeze Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine

17” CCS Commercial Breeze
If you are looking for a quality OP (oscillating pad) cleaning for both commercial and residential carpet, grout and tile, brick, concrete and wood cleaning 17" CCS Commercial Breeze is for you!

Versatile Cleaning Abilities
With its 17" path, the 17" CCS Commercial Breeze.cleans faster than any competitive OP machines. Its larger orbit equates to high production rates and more income for the carpet cleaner. The CCS Commercial Breeze. also offers versatility, you can clean Grout and tile, concrete, brick, wood, wood decking, commercial carpet, residential carpets, soft top nylon residentials, and even oriental wools.

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Lite Weight yet More Agitation!
The weight of the CCS Commercial Breeze is just 79 pounds, so it is easy to take anywhere and lite enough lift upstairs. Because of the larger orbit, you can clean faster with less weight.

3/4 HP Industrial Motor
The 17" CCS Commercial Breeze is powered by a 3/4 HP Industrial capacitator motor to insure long cool running.

Hand Operated Fork Release
We designed the CCS Commercial Breeze with a hand lever to release the handle, this save one more step in the cleaning process.

With the CCS Commercial Breeze you are able to do clean both residentially and commercially at good production rates. If this sounds good to you, the CCS Commercial Breeze. is your choice for a high-speed OP for carpet pad cleaning and encapsulation, grout and tile, wood, wood decking, brick and concrete-cleaning machine!

Our competitors hate it, they use the standard oscillation for OP machines that has been used for decades, they are SLOW, we know, we
built them and used them for decades. But now cleaning is easier, faster and there is a LOT more money to be made with high speed orbital machines from CCS.