Clean-n-Vac Tsunami

Very convenient Tsunami does the job of 4 competitive products better, quicker and more efficiently.

Hot Water Extraction Detergent (Emulsifier)
Traffic Lane Cleaner
Bonnet / Pad Cleaner
Encapsulation Detergent (low foam) A superior emulsifier even at twice the dilution rate of others! Slices through tough greasy soil with ease. Crystallizes upon drying. No dirt attracting residue, insures carpets stay clean longer. SAFER. Contains NO Butyl, Alcohol, Phosphates or Methyl Ether.
Safe on synthetic Stain Resist Carpets. New "Z 85" Anti-wick formula. Corrosion Inhibitors help protect your equipment. Allows for more storage space (One product replaces 4)

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Case $104.00 / Gallon $30.00