CCS 17" Brute Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machine

17” CCS Brute
If you are looking for a high-speed, High-orbit OP (oscillating pad) cleaner for commercial carpet cleaning, grout and tile cleaning , concrete cleaning , brick cleaning , wood cleaning and encapsulation carpet cleaning, the Brute is for you!

Versatile Cleaning Abilities
With its broad orbit, the Brute cleans faster and deeper. This translates into to high production rates and more income for the commercial carpet cleaner. The Brute is a versatile piece of carpet cleaning equipment.

1. The pad drive can use cotton pads, bonnets, or scrubber fiber type pads

2. The grout and tile brush can clean grout and tile, concrete, brick, wood decking and wood floors.

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More Weight Pressure with Less Weight!
The weight of the Brute is centered over the pads to give maximum head pressure plus its’ 4 gallon solution tank adds weight during cleaning right over the pads. The stable frame gives non-OP users the benefit of not having to learn how to handle or manuever an Oscillating Pad machine. This allows the operator to exert more cleaning pressure with less human effort - the machine does the hard work.

“Industrial 3/4 HP Motor”!
The Brute is powered by an Industrial 3/4 HP motor that is overpowered, no bogging down and no over heating.

Pressure Fed Spray! (Optional)
The optional 60-PSI pressure fed (note – not gravity fed) dual-het spray system eliminates the need for the time-wasting step of prespraying and uses substantially less chemicals with the added benefit of lower drying time. The jets are set to spray ahead of the cleaning head for quicker, more even product delivery.

With the Carpet Care Systems Brute you are able to do a better job in less time using fewer supplies, with less drying time and less physical effort. If this sounds good to you, the Brute is your choice for a high-speed commercial carpet-cleaning machine!